Advanced Quantum Mechanics II: PH672/PH772 Course Information

Day and Time: M/W/F 10:10AM-11:00AM
Room: CH 396
Instructor: Dr. Ryoichi Kawai
phone: (205) 934-3931
Office Hour: Monday 2:00PM-3:00PM
Course Website:

J. J. Sakurai Modern Quantum Mechanics (Addison Wesley Logan, 1993) - Required

Several take-home exams. One in-class comprehensive exam at the end of term.

From time to time, open book in-class quizzes will be held. You can open only your own notebook and textbook. No photocopy of books nor notebooks are allowed. The date and topics of a quiz will be announced one week before it will ne held.

Answers will be presented in the class by students.

Grade Policy
  • Blank answer receives no points.
  • Correct answer receives positive points.
  • Incorrect answer receives negative points. In particular, answers that contains obvious self-contradiction, that are obviously contradict with basic laws of science, or that contains too unrealistic conclusion, lose large points. Simple arithmetic mistake that resulted in unrealistic conclusion is also subject to large negative points. You must be able to check if your answer is reasonable.
  • "A" will not be given if you receive zero or negative point for any individual problem in any take-home exam. This does not mean that positive points for all problems guarantee "A".
  • Neither "A" nor "B" will be given if you receive zero or negative point for two or more problems.
  • Minimum requirement: 70% of take-home exams, 60% of in-class exam and quizzes, and 80% of homework.
  • August-September: Angular Momentum and Spherical Systems
  • October-December: Approximation Methods and Application of Quantum Mechanics