Quantum Mechanics I: PH671-1C/PH771-1C, 2006 Spring
Course Information

Day and Time: M/W/F 10:10-11:00
Room: CH 396
Instructor: Dr. Ryoichi Kawai
email: kawai@uab.edu
phone: (205) 934-3931
Office Hour: Wed. 12:30-1:30pm
Course Website: http://kawai.phy.uab.edu/courses/ph771

PH546 Electromagnetic Theory II
PH551 Introductory Quantum Mechanics II

Textbook (Required)

  J. J. Sakurai
Modern Quantum Mechanics
(Addison-Wesley-Longman, 1993, ISBN=0201539292)
Recommended Additional Books

  K. Tamvakis
Problems and Solutions in Quantum Mechanics
(Cambridge, 2005, ISBN=052160057X)

  G. Greenstein and A. G. Zajonc
The Quantum Challenge (2nd Ed.)
(Jones and Bartlett, 2005, ISBN=076372470X)

Messages from the Instructor
  • First class will meet on Jan. 6, 2006 at 10:10AM as scheduled.

Course Description
  • The first half of two-semester graduate course on quantum mechanics
  • Basic principles of quantum mechanics are explained through examples.
  • Mathematical skills necessary to investigate basic quantum mechanical systems are explained.
  • The basic principles are applied to selected problems in atomic, molecular, solid state physics and optics.

Class Schedule
  • January: Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts (1.1-1.7)
  • February: Chapter 2. Quantum Dynamics (2.1-2.4)
  • March: Chapter 2. Quantum Dynamics (2.5-2.6)
  • April: Chapter 3. Theory of Angular Momentum
Detail Schedule and Assignments

Exams, Homework and Grading
  • In-class midterm exam (Feb. 27): 10%
  • In-class final exam (May 3, 8:00AM-10:30AM): 20%
  • A series of take-home exams are given throughout the course: 60% in total
  • Homework: 10%
Grade Policy
  • Blank answer receives no points.
  • Correct answer receives positive points.
  • Incorrect answer receives negative points. In particular, answers that contains obvious self-contradiction, that are obviously contradict with basic laws of science, or that contains too unrealistic conclusion, lose large points. Simple arithmetic mistake that resulted in unrealistic conclusion is also subject to large negative points. You must be able to check if your answer is reasonable.
  • "A" will not be given if you receive zero or negative point in any take-home exam. This does not mean that positive points for all problems guarantee "A".
  • Minimum requirement: Complete solution to all take-home exams and homework must be presented to the instructor by the end of the term. Students are advised to turn in solutions as early as possible so that incorrect or insufficient solution can be returned to them for retry.