PH710 Advanced Classical Mechanics

Until Dr. Camata is back from his medical leave, I will be teaching this course.

10/24: Preliminary toward Nonlinear Dynmaics and Chaos Lecture note: Introduction (Maple,   PDF)
10/29: Hamiltonian systems: Two-dimensional Harmonic Oscillator, Double Pendulum and Henon-Heiles Model Lecture note: two-dimensional harmonic oscillator (Maple,   PDF)
Lecture note: double pendulum (Maple,   PDF)
Lecture note: Henon-Heiles model (Maple,   PDF)

10/31: Driven Oscillators: Driven Harmonic Oscillator and Driven Duffing Oscillators Lecture note: driven harmonic oscillator (Maple,   PDF)
Lecture note: driven Duffing oscillator (Maple,   PDF)