PH979 Special Topics (2017 Summer) Course Schedule

This is only a tentative schedule. If any change should happen, this page will be updated accordingly.
Date Topics Chapter Tutor Notes
Entangled Systems
May 01, Mon. The Mathematical Framework 1.1, 1.2 M. Darras
May 04, Thu. Basic Concepts of Quantum Theory 2.1-2.3 G. Higginbotham
May 08, Mon. The Simplest Quantum Systems: Qubits 3.1-3.8 M. Darras
May 11, Thu. Mixed States and the Density Operators 4.1-4.4 G. Higginbotham
May 15, Mon. Shannon's Entropy and Classical Information 5.1-5.5 G. Higginbotham
May 22, Mon. The von Neumann Entropy and Quantum Information 6.1-6.5 M. Darras
May 25, Thu. Composite Systems 7.1-7.5 M. Darras
May 29, Mon. 7.6-7.9 M. Darras
Jun 01, Thu. Entanglement 8.1-8.4 G. Higginbotham
Jun 05, Mon. 8.5-8.7 G. Higginbotham
Jun 08, Thu. Correlation and Non-Local Measurements 9.1-9.2 M. Darras
Jun 12, Mon. There is no Alternative to Quantum Theory 10.1-10.7 G. Higginbotham
Jun 15, Thu. Working with Entanglements 11.3-11.7 M. Darras
Entanglement Measures
Jun 19, Mon. TBA
Jun 22, Thu. TBA
Jun 26, Mon. TBA
Jun 29, Thu. TBA
July 06, Thu. TBA
July 10, Mon. TBA