Use of ZOOM for Dr. Kawai's courses and research meetings

PH635/715, Advanced Statistical Mechanics I (Spring, 2020) Course Information
To access Dr' Kawai's ZOOM meeting, see meeting ID and connection info.

Weekly Scheduled Zoom Meeting

Mon11;15am-12:30pmQuantum Research
Mon04:00pm-05:00pmBiophysics Research
Tue11:00am-12:15pmPH423/762 Comp. Phys.
Tue12:30pm-01:45pmPH715 Adv. Stat. Mech.
Tue02:00pm-03:15pmNeuroscience Study
Tue03:30pm-04:30pmMusic Research
Thu11:00am-12:15pmPH423/762 Comp. Phys.
Thu12:30pm-01:45pmPH715 Adv. Stat. Mech.
Thu02:00pm-03:15pmNeuroscience Study
Fri01:45pm-03:00pmQuantum Study Group
Fri03:00pm-04:30pmQuantum Research