PH672/772-2F Quantum Mechanics II (2016, Fall) Course Information

Course Description: This is the second part of two-semester course. Through this course students will learn principles of quantum mechanics and their applications.

Learning Objectives:
  • Approximantion Methods
  • Scattering Theory
  • Symmetry Group
  • Ideintical Particles and Quantum Statistics
  • Many-Particle Systems
  • Second Quantization
  • Quantization of ELectromagnetic Waves
  • Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
  • Density Operators
  • Quantum Information Theory
Day and Time: Tue. & Thu. 3:30PM-4:45PM
Room: CH157
Instructor: Dr. Ryoichi Kawai
phone: (205) 934-3931
skype*: userid = ryoichikawai
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Office Hour: Wed. 12:30-1:30pm
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Course Schedule
Required Textbook  

Modern Quantum Mechanics (2nd ed)
by J. J. Sakurai and J. Napolitano
Addison-Wesley, 2011
(Other Suggested Books)

Messages from the Instructor

Several homework problems will be given every week. Homework must be turned in electronically by email.  Allowed formats are LaTeX source, LaTeX dvi,  Acorbat PDF, Maple Document, Mathematica Document.  Scanned image of hand written documents (PDF, 300DPI)

Exam Schedule (Tentative)
  • In-class midterm exam (October 6)
  • Take-home midterm exam (November 10 - 15)
  • In-class final exam (December 13)
  • Take-home final exam (December 8 - 15)

Exams and assignments carry the following maximum possile points. In-class midterm exams (20 pts.), Take-home midterm exam (20 pts.), In-class final exam (20 pts.), Take-home final exam (20 pts.), Homework and other assignments (20 pts.). The total maximum possible points is 100. Letter grades are determined by the rule given in the table.
Grade Total Score
A 85 or above
B 75 or above
C 60 or above
F Otherwise