PH452 Directed Reading in QUantum Mechanics (Spring, 2021)

Last modified on January 10, 2021

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Class Hour: Mon/Wed 10:00-11:00

Course Format: Remote

All lectures are given online via ZOOM.

Course Description:

Through this course students will learn various properties of quantum entanglement and decoherence induced by the quantum entsanglement through reading and presenting technical literature.

Course Schedule

Reading Materials:


Attendance is required. To pass the course you must attend at least 80% of lectures. Excessive absence will result in administrative withdraw.


Students must present chapters assigned by the instructor. Several homework will be also assigned. The grade is determined by the score of presentation (50 pts) and homework (50 pts). There is no written exam.

Grade Total Score
A 90 or above
B 80 or above
C 70 or above
F Otherwise

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I am available to meet with you virtually via Zoom by appointment during my virtual office hours shown below. Please make an appointment via email.

Dr. Ryoichi Kawai

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