PH497/797-XX Special Topics: Mathematics of Quantum Theory: Spring, 2021

Last modified on January 11, 2021

Messages from Instructor:

  • [1/10] Class will meet on Jan 11 at 11:00 am in ZOOM.

Class Hour: Mon/Wed 11:00-12:15

Course Format: Remote

All lectures are given online via ZOOM.

Course Description:

Through this course students will learn rigorous mathematical structure of quantum mechanics

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic mathematical structure of quantum mechanics
  • Spectral theory
  • von Nuemann algebra

Required Textbook

Fundamental Mathematical Structures of Quantum Theory
by Valter Moretti
Springer, 2019



Attendance is required. To pass the course you must attend at least 80% of lectures. Excessive absence will result in administrative withdraw.


The grade is determined by homework and assignments. There is no written exam.

Grade Total Score
A 90 or above
B 80 or above
C 70 or above
F Otherwise

Where the university can, it is providing a Pass/Fail option in case there are circumstances and/or challenges students are encountering related to the ongoing pandemic that might make a Pass/Fail option a better option. If students are not remaining with the default letter grade method for any of their courses, they must select the Pass/Fail grading method for each course individually. This selection is made toward the end of the semester. Once a student selects the option for a Pass/Fail grading method for a particular course, that decision is not reversible regardless of their performance on remaining assignments or final exams.

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